Announcing the LADZ Token

We've partnered w/ @tryrollhq to tokenize Layer1 Crypto.

For the past 9 months, we’ve worked HARD to create some of the most INTERESTING and AUTHENTIC content that exists in the crypto ecosystem today.

In that time we’ve…
- Interviewed 56 of the strongest founders in crypto
- Amassed 110,000 views/listens across all networks
- Brought LIVE Weekly News via Layer1Live
- Covered weekly price action via Dimitry’s Desk
- Launched NFTLive to overview the NFT industry

…but our greatest success has been the creation of the #LADZ community.

Whether it’s engaging w/ content on YouTube, sharing the latest podcast interviews on social media, taking part in our #BitcoinStakes prediction events, or just bringing some of the hottest memes to the #LADZ Telegram channel, we could not be where we are today without the backing of our early community members!

So today, in announcing our partnership with Roll, we are GIVING BACK to all #LADZ (and future #LADZ) by opening up the opportunity to earn a tangible stake in the success of Layer1.

Join the #LADZ Community

So what is Roll?
Roll mints branded digital tokens unique to online presences, allowing communities to own, control and coordinate value across their network.

Basically, they are leading the movement around Social Currency and the idea that communities can (and should) be rewarded for their participation in creating great networks.

For an in-depth look at the rise of Personal Tokens and Social Currency, we interviewed Sid, Co-Founder of Roll, last month on Layer1.

Why Tokenize?
Great question. And we’ll answer that in an upcoming article (7/21) right here on our Substack blog.

How can I get LADZ and what will LADZ do?
You’re really grilling us here. Our plan for the initial distribution of $LADZ as well as potential use cases will also be released in an upcoming article (7/23) right here on our Substack blog.|

Important Dates
7/21 Why Roll? (article)
7/23 LADZ Token Model (article)
7/27 LADZ Token Launch