LADZ Liquidity Mining Campaign

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disclaimer: social tokens are experimental in nature and you should always do your own research before engaging in any speculative behavior…there is a risk of impermanent loss involved in providing liquidity for tokens…please consider carefully all the risks associated with being a liquidity provider before engaging in any campaigns.

Calling all Farmers.

It’s been an amazing past month for the Layer1 and LADZ tribe. We’ve smashed our previous viewership records in every meaningful statistical category, added new channels to our growing content network, and released the initial version of our Litepaper.

Now it’s time for the big show…and it’s all hands on deck.

A primary factor in determining the “health” of a social token trading on secondary markets is the amount of initial liquidity and the quality of liquidity providers (aka farmers).

For that reason, we are planning to implement initial liquidity provider (LP) rewards, beginning within the next two weeks, for potential LADZ Miner.

Teleport to LADZ City

The Total Supply of 10,000,000 (10 million) LADZ will be as follows:

  • 30% to Liquidity Partners/LP Rewards (12% Roll and 18% LP Rewards)

  • 43% to LADZ Community Rewards vested 4 years*

  • 20% to Layer1 team with vested 3 years

  • 4% Reserve (Grants, Vault Purchases, Partnerships)

  • 3% Community Partners

Liquidity Provider Rewards

The total distribution of 1,800,000 (1.8 million) LADZ LP Rewards will be as follows:

Seed liquidity stage:
Period: 7 days
Reward pool: 100k LADZ
- Daily total rewards: 14,286 LADZ
Bonus pool: 50,118k LADZ
- Distributed at the end of the month

Second stage:
Period: 30 days
Reward pool: 300k LADZ
- Daily total rewards: 10,000 LADZ
Bonus pool: 150k LADZ
- Distributed at the end of the month

Third stage:
Period: 180 days
Reward pool total: 600k LADZ
- Daily total rewards: 3,333 LADZ
Bonus pool: 600k LADZ
- Distributed at the end of the phase

Liquidity Provider Guidelines

Minimum daily liquidity provision= 0.5 ETH.

Miners will be rewarded daily for providing liquidity out of the total
rewards pool for that phase. Bonus pools will be distributed at the end of
each phase. We will calculate the average of liquidity provided by the miner
throughout the phase to determine the share of LP bonus rewards.

Snapshots of LPs will be taken at a random time during each day.
The maximum limit that a single address can mine is 50%. If a single
address does -mine more than 50% of the reward pool, the remainder will be
distributed among all other eligible addresses equally.

If the Layer1 team notices gaming of liquidity and/or unethical behavior,
rewards will be subject to adjustments/nullification.

LPs will be tracked here

Daily rewards Miner provides 5 ETH liquidity
Total liquidity pool 100 ETH
Phase 1 campaign 100k total reward pool (14,286 daily)

Miners share of the pool is 5% which earns 713 LADZ daily (considering the total LP pool remains the same).

Bonus rewards If the miners chooses to remain in the pool throughout the whole phase, bonus will be distributed based on the average share of the pool.

Total pool 100 ETH Miner keeps an average of 5% share of the total liquidity provided for 7 days. LP gets rewarded with a 2k LADZ bonus at the end of the phase.


Due to the hard work of all those involved within the Layer1 content network and #LADZ, we’re well on our way to achieving our stated goal of becoming one of the best communities in crypto.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing more information on liquidity for social tokens, gathering interested individuals and partners, and moving forward with the next step in achieving our goals.

Our Vibe. Our Tribe.