Layer1 (LADZ) Litepaper v.1

Introducing the first tokenized content network...

The purpose of this document is to outline the vision and strategy of Layer1, LADZ, and the LADZ utility token. Social tokens are experimental in nature and you should ALWAYS do your own research before engaging in ANY speculative behavior. the layer1 team does not suggest you buy or sell any digital currencies. this is not financial advice

Who we are:

Layer1 is a content network and family of channels dedicated to highlighting the best products, platforms, individuals, and communities that exist in crypto today. Over the past year we’ve worked hard to create some of the most authentic content in blockchain, and in that time our statistics, reputation, team, and community have grown exponentially.

What we’ve built:

  • Amassed 150,000 views/listens across all channels on our network

  • Interviewed 75 of the strongest founders in crypto on the Layer1 Podcast

  • Established NFTLive, a content leader in the NFT industry

  • Launched Dimitry’s Desk, a price-action focused TA series

  • Brought Live Weekly News with Layer1Live

  • Worked w/ Roll to establish initial groundwork for the LADZ utility token

  • Partnered w/ Nifty Gateway to highlight artists on the NFTLive Artist Series

  • Expanded the Layer1 Team to 5 dedicated members

  • Amassed a group of 250 LADZ and organized multiple events and game nights

Teleport to LADZ City/Community Discord

Where we’re going:

In the year since Layer1’s inception, the content network has outgrown our original concept. As an experiment, we decided to partner with Roll to launch the LADZ utility token in July. During the time since it’s launch, we have accomplished much and grown exponentially beyond our own expectations and that can be attributed to none other than our tribe, which we affectionately call LADZ.

Whether it’s engaging with content on YouTube, sharing the latest podcast interviews across social media, taking part in our community events, or just bringing some excellent insight to the LADZ City Discord server; we could not be where we are today without the backing of our tribe.

It’s with that in mind that we have decided to go ‘all in’ and take both Layer1, as a brand and content network, and our community of LADZ to the next level. Therefore we are excited to finally share our initial plans and expectations for the LADZ utility token.

Main goals:

  • Enhance content value capture for Layer1 and the LADZ Community

  • Increase Layer1 brand awareness, recognition, and trust

  • Expand market use cases for LADZ

  • Increase LADZ engagement, loyalty, and activity

  • Adding tangible assets to underpin valuation via LADZ Treasury Vault

  • Establish and retain sufficient liquidity for LADZ utility token

What is the LADZ utility token?

The vision of our social token is to facilitate the growth of what will become one of the best communities in the cryptocurrency industry.

Through a balance of rewarding engagement, empowering high-signal community members, and providing true ownership in a growing content network, LADZ supports our goal of building better tribes.

The LADZ tribe is filled with a wide array of amazing and unique crypto-enthusiasts, which themselves span multiple industries, and they deserve to get rewarded for making our content and tribe better.

LADZ Token Economics

Before we get into the details below, it’s important to mention that the functionality of the token will evolve over time as we continuously add more content and features within the Layer1 content network.

Total Supply

The total supply of 10,000,000 (10 million) LADZ will be as follows:

  • 30% to Liquidity Partners/LP Rewards (12% Roll and 18% LP Rewards)

  • 43% to LADZ Community Rewards vested 4 years*

  • 20% to Layer1 team with vested 3 years

  • 4% Reserve (Grants, Vault Purchases, Partnerships)  

  • 3% Community Partners

Monthly breakdown of LADZ reserved for the community will be as follows:
90,000 LADZ/month
55,000 - Content Engagement, Participation, etc...
25,000 - Events
10,000 - Bounties

Token Contract: 0x1287c0509df9a475Ef178471aB2132b9dfD312B3

Current Distribution

The initial supply of 3.7 million LADZ is distributed as follows:

  • 32.4% Roll (Liquidity Partner)

  • 4.1% LADZ Community Rewards already distributed

  • 4.5% Layer1 Team

  • 59% Total Community/Team Vesting

LADZ Liquidity Mining Campaign

In order for social tokens to start trading on the secondary markets, they must establish sufficient initial liquidity. For that reason, we are planning to implement initial liquidity provider (LP) rewards.

For an updated account of our current Liquidity Mining Campaigns, please click this link and head to our updated blog post.

Potential future rewards for LPs

  • Exclusive NFT Artist Drops from NFTLive Artist Series

  • Special Access to LADZ City in Sandbox

  • Physical/Digital Merchandise Sales

  • Access to Unique DeFi and Blockchain project analysis 

  • Virtual Event Invitations 

  • Random NFT Drops

  • Discord Roles and Room Access 

  • DAO Governance

LADZ Utility

  • Access to LADZ City Discord Channels

  • Unique Roles and Memberships Status

  • Analysis and Research Reports

  • Exclusive Access to NFT Drops

  • LADZ Treasury Vault Governance

  • Virtual/In-Person Event Attendance

  • Layer1 Digital/Physical Swag

How do I get LADZ?

  • Engaging w/ content on YouTube and Discord

  • Liquidity Mining Rewards

  • Monthly Community Bounties

  • Layer1 Improvement Proposals (LIPs)

  • Tips during Live Events, Random Drops, etc.

  • Provide Exclusive Research, Analysis, and Information

  • Work with Layer1 Team

The LADZ Treasury Vault

In order to capture and showcase the history of the metaverse and broader NFT landscape, the Layer1 Team is establishing the LADZ Treasury Vault, a community-focused vault that will hold rare and valuable NFTs from the digital art, virtual real estate, gaming, and collectible sectors. In the future we hope to collaborate with the team to audit the LADZ Treasury Vault for more efficient upkeep of all holdings.

In Conclusion

We believe that the social token economy is just getting started and the untapped value these instruments unlock for creator, consumer, and community alike has fundamentally changed their relationship forever.

We’re happy to be leading the charge alongside other innovators in the evolution of social tokens.

Our Vibe. Our Tribe.